Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Architecture II--the Townhouse Design

By request, here is the second level architecture class townhouse assignment:

Yokana/Architecture II

                                    The Townhouse

You will be designing a townhouse.

Dimensions: 20’ x 50’
·      Two party walls that cannot be penetrated or moved.
·      Front to back orientation
·      Need public and private spaces
·      Some rooms MUST have access to light and air by code.
·      9’ ceilings
·      ¼ scale (1/4" equals 1 foot-use the scale rulers!)
·      Two floors

Program: (minimum dimensions)
·      Entry with closet (2’ depth)
·      Living room—15 x 20’ Needs natural light
·      Dining room—12 x 12’
·      Kitchen—15 x 10’
·      ½ bath—3 x 6’
·      2 Bedrooms—10 x 10’ Needs natural light and air
·      3 closets-2 in the master bedroom—2 x 3’
·      2 bathrooms—9 x 6’ (1 hall access and 1 master)
·      Hallways—3’ wide
·      Stair—3 x 13’ (13 linear feet with a 3’ platform at the top and bottom)(Spiral 8’ diameter)

Begin by working on ¼ scale graph paper and cut out the program spaces. Place them on the graph paper (like puzzle pieces) making three different solutions to the design problem.

Create a client. Who is the user for your design: a family of four? A middle-age career woman? A young man who has a good paying job? You need to design for someone-this is human centered design. Think about what tone, style and feeling you would like your design to invoke.