Monday, July 28, 2014

Making a Make Shift Makerspace

We measured the garage and I went to Ikea and bought four tables. We cleaned out the back of the garage and then organized the workbenches so that tools were handy but it wasn't cluttered.
We fixed the lighting. The dog helped....

Now we have a place in our garage where we can make things! It's not rocket science, really. It's furniture that is functional in a space where you are free to make a mess; where you can leave things out and not clean up; where tools are nearby and easy to find; where there is stuff that inspires you as you are making things.

Next we looked for some inspiration. First, we went to visit a former student of mine, Giancarlo Paternoster,, who makes beautiful high-end furniture in his basement workshop.

Next, we went to the Brooklyn Museum to see Ai Wei Wei's show, "According to What?"

That's all it takes to make a Makerspace and be inspired.... It's not rocket science after all....