Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Celebrating my Students' Projects!

Semester One is over and so I said goodbye to my class of Architecture I. I am posting some of their final projects here as I think they are amazing. The project asks students to create a structure or structures on a 20 x 20" site that controls their viewer's path through space. My students spend the entire semester studying space and how it controls and effects them-they observe their own houses, our school building and other buildings they have been in. By the time they get to this project, they understand some of the psychology of spaces and the principles of design that organize spaces. They also had to find and present a building that they found intriguing and inspirational. There projects are all so different, but they were given the same problem to solve. By using design thinking-which all artists and architects use in some form or another-and trusting the process, many varied outcomes are possible. So I am posting these here as a celebration of my students and their different solutions to the problem. Thanks to you all for a great semester.